Nothing could be more important than the care, happiness and development of your child.history-img

The Group initially started as Little Stars Day Nursery Limited when in 2003 I could not find a nursery where I would be happy to leave my eldest son. As a working parent myself with three young children, I had a nanny and although the care was excellent for my children, I wanted to have the same kind of care, but in addition, in an environment where it allowed my son to integrate with his peers in smaller groups. At the time I was researching schools for my eldest daughter and found I liked the private school model versus the state school model, ie, smaller numbers of children with a higher ratio of team – I wondered why it was not possible to find the same model in the nursery sector.

I decided to research the childcare sector to see what I could find, but it did not exist.  I found that nurseries were larger, impersonal and were often purpose built and did not provide the stimulating environment that I was looking for. With a background in Human Resources, I found that team members were often demotivated, working long hours and not supported and valued for the hard work that I knew it must take to look after children.  In essence, I wanted to ensure that the nursery where my son would be cared for was committed to providing an inclusive environment in which every child and team member would matter.

I know first-hand that leaving your child in the care of others can be a daunting experience. However, rest-assured that nothing could be more important to all of us than the care, happiness and development of your child (and your peace of mind!).

I am immensely proud of the Stars Childcare Group and our team who all work hard to earn a reputation as being foremost in offering an inclusive environment where every child matters.

Warm regards
Louise Winter

“All the rooms are bright and sunny, even in the winter!  The garden is excellent and well equipped and I only wish I could offer my daughter the same facilities at home”