10 most popular nursery extra-curricular activities

    10 most populat extra-curricular activities.jpegNursery extra-curricular activities are extremely beneficial for young children. Not only do they help develop confidence, but they are also vital to early-stage development. From yoga classes to creative pursuits, here are 10 of the most popular extra-curricular activities to get your children involved in.

    1.    Music lessons

    Whether it’s the recorder or violin, learning an instrument is perfect for nurturing coordination and motor skills. It’s also an important way for children to learn patience and delayed gratification.

    2.  Yoga and exercise

    Yoga and group exercise is perfect for sparking creative imagination in your child. Worlds apart from adult yoga, classes focus on more spontaneous movement and spatial awareness development. A great way to increase confidence and exercise with your child.

    3.  Dance

    Much like sport, dance is great for developing motor skills and learning patience and discipline. Dance is also physically demanding and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

    4.  Arts and crafts

    The creative pursuits offer young children countless ways of developing. ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun,’ says peace activist Mary Lou Cook. We couldn’t agree more.

    5.  Cooking

    Cooking isn’t just for adults! Here at Stars Day Nursery and Pre-School Academy, we promote good eating habits. Our childcare team educate the children on the importance of food groups and healthy eating, and it’s a fun way to get healthy, too.

    6.  Baby Signing

    Baby signing is an enjoyable way for young children to develop communication skills. Classes involve teaching children about different signs for words relating to family and play, and by using objects like balls and mirrors, it encourages children to explore their senses.

    7.   Languages

    Young children are hardwired to learn languages and develop speech. The benefits include development in self-confidence and communication skills.

    8.  Play!

    ‘The evidence for the developmental benefits of play is actually overwhelming,’ explains Dr David Whitebread, professor at the University of Cambridge. Not only is play fun, but it rapidly advances cognitive development in children and improves happiness.

    It’s child’s play

    Here at Stars Day Nursery and Pre-School Academy, we engage external companies that provide extra-curricular activities at our nurseries because we believe it plays a significant role in your child’s development. These activities include dance, music, tennis, football, yoga, languages and singing. Find out how to get your child involved here.

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