OCTOBER 2019 Newsletter


    Dear Parents and Carers of our Kingston and Worcester Park Nurseries, We hope you have all enjoyed the month of September During September we looked at the season of autumn, local wildlife, Harvest festival and numbers, shapes and measure. Please take a look at our gallery of photographs of what the children have been learning and exploring from the month of September at our Nurseries……………………………………….

    Nursery Gallery of September, 2019

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    Our Topics in October 2019 As we enter into October, please take a look at the different topics we will be learning about each week…

    Week 1 – ‘Dinosaur Week - Week Commencing 30/09/2019

    The children will be exploring dinosaur habitats and different dinosaur species, we will look at how different the world looked when dinosaur roamed the earth and learn the difference between carnivores, omnivores and herbivores

    Week 2 – ‘Hibernation- Week Commencing 07/10/2019

    The children will look at why animals hibernate, The types of animals that hibernate and what animals do to prepare for hibernation. We will also design our own hibernation houses.

    Week 3 – ‘Diwali - Week Commencing 14/10/2019

    We will be celebrating the festival of light this week, the children will make candle holders from clay and design their own Diwali lanterns. Pre- School will be learning the story behind the celebration of Diwali and will create Rangoli patterns using different media and materials

    Week 4 - Halloween Prep - week commencing 21/10/2019

    The children will be exploring media and materials to create spider webs, spiders, bats, cats and pumpkins to decorate the nursery.

    Week 5 – ‘Halloween – Week Commencing 28/10/2019

    The children will be celebrating Halloween, We will be decorating the nursery with ghosts, bats, witches and spiders we made the previous week ready for our Halloween tea party. We invite you to join us for our tea party on Thursday 31st October 2019 at 3.30pm and encourage the children to dress up and show off their Halloween costumes. We will be carving our own pumpkins so look out for these in our windows.

    Parent Partnership

    Reminders and Notable Dates:

    Notable Dates

    Diwali – 27th October

    Halloween – 31 October 2019

    Wet Weather

    With autumn arriving and colder weather on the way, Could we ask that you provide some wellington boots and a rain coat for your child so that the children can explore outside even in the damp weather.

    Social Media

    Our social media pages are a great way to stay connected with what’s going on in our Nurseries. Please take a look at some of our posts and photos of the children enjoying our topics as these are updated daily. Please add us/follow us on our social media pages.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/starschildcaregroup/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/starsnurseries/

    Holidays and Absences

    Please can we remind all Parents/Carers to email the nursery in advance with any holiday dates or absences. If your child is unwell and cannot attend their session, we also require this in an email. This is required under our Prevent Duty safeguarding requirements.

    Security of Nursery Front Door

    Please can we emphasise the importance of ensuring the front door is closed properly when entering and leaving the building. Can we also please remind all Parents and Carers to clearly state their names and who they are collecting when requesting entry to our Nurseries. This is for the safety of all the children.

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