Little Stars

We recognise that you may feel anxious leaving your child for the first time, so we do our best to make this as stress free as possible. Our Childcare Team understand that babies are inquisitive, observing everything around them and learning how to let you know what they’re thinking and feeling through body movement and facial expressions as well as grasping that difficult task of hand eye co-ordination.

We have a nurturing dedicated baby team on hand to give lots of cuddles and conversation our babies have the right resources for them including lots of different texture play toys, access to photos of family as well as stimulation from mirrors and play books. We have a sleep area as well as an abundance of rugs and specially designed areas where babies can explore, roll around and get to grips with becoming mobile.

Babies and toddlers are encouraged to learn by using their senses, exploring the world around them through a range of activities, in a safe and secure environment with familiar, friendly faces. Activities include singing, story time, messy and outdoor play, which allow the children to explore independently and develop their confidence. We also give lots of time, practice and encouragement when your baby achieves those first milestones such as sitting up and standing.

Our childcare team will work with you to ensure we follow your child’s routine to help everyone settle into nursery life. We also keep a daily diary, including records of your child’s sleeps and feeds.

Rising Stars

Once your child becomes 2 years old we extend our activities to foster the independence skills that they are striving for.  These activities will help promote the children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, communication, language and social skills and preferences.  The children learn to pour their own drinks, serve their own food at mealtimes and wipe their own face and hands

As children begin learning more about themselves and the world around them, they want to explore further, experiment and make their own decisions. There are many opportunities for exploration, balanced by a routine with regular quiet times. Activities are mainly creative, with sand and water always available, plenty of indoor and outdoor physical play, and opportunities for role play and imaginative games.

Pre-School Academy

Pre-School children receive a firm foundation for the transition to school. The Pre-School Academy is led by our qualified Early Years Teacher who plans and delivers a balanced and varied curriculum which continues to focus on the seven areas of learning of the foundation stage.

Our newly refurbished Pre-School Academy offers a stimulating, enriched and enabling environment where children have the opportunity to develop their skills as well as take on new challenges. Children continue to learn through both adult led and child initiated activities. The Pre-School Academy is well equipped with an extensive and broad range of interesting, vibrant and engaging resources. These have been especially selected to ensure that children are able to continue extending their knowledge and building on their self-esteem, independence and confidence ensuring that they are equipped to achieve their greatest potential regardless of their starting point.
All children have a folder that includes their ‘learning journey’ and examples of their work. Each individual folder includes assessments, ongoing developmental needs, preferences, achievements and the planning for the ‘next steps’ relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Our Garden

We believe outdoor play and exploration are an essential part of learning and growing up. So we have developed our gardens to provide children with the greatest variety of experiences, challenges and controlled risks.

The equipment and activities in our gardens nurture healthy and active fun through climbing, cycling, sand and water play.

In our gardens children can learn and interact with natural elements; they can be little scientists when measuring the flow of water through our specially designed water garden, or they can climb the castle or build dens around it.