Welcome to Pre-School Academy

    learningdev-300x235.pngPre-School children receive a firm foundation for the transition to school. The Pre-School Academy is led by our qualified team who plans and delivers a balanced and varied curriculum which continues to focus on the seven areas of learning of the foundation stage. 

    Our newly refurbished Pre-School Academy offers a stimulating, enriched and enabling environment where children have the opportunity to develop their skills as well as take on new challenges. Children continue to learn through both adult-led and child-initiated activities. The Pre-School Academy is well equipped with an extensive and broad range of interesting, vibrant and engaging resources. These have been especially selected to ensure that children are able to continue extending their knowledge and building on their self-esteem, independence and confidence ensuring that they are equipped to achieve their greatest potential regardless of their starting point.

    All children have a folder that includes their 'learning journey' and examples of their work. Each individual folder includes assessments, ongoing developmental needs, preferences, achievements and planning for the 'next steps' relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


    “They are unbelievably caring and dedicated to each child as an individual. They get to know babies very
    quickly and they know the specific needs of each child.”

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