Meal times are about more than simply what your children eat.

Little girl leaning on the table with a bowl of vegetables - nutrition

Our menu is carefully planned to meet nutritional guidelines and to provide a healthy and balanced diet for 0 – 5 year olds. . All of our dishes are freshly prepared on the day of delivery and contain only high quality, fresh ingredients, provided by Zebedees who have recently celebrated 20 years of business . We ensure that all of our menus provide the essential food groups and meet the dietary needs of growing children offering good food culture. Our menus include plenty of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and organic pulses. All of our food is baked, braised, steamed or boiled and we do not serve any deep fried items. Our menus are nutritionally analysed and approved by a Paediatric Dietitian, to ensure they meet the specific nutritional needs of each age group. Our menus conform to the Caroline Walker Trust’s Under 5’s guidelines and standards set out by the Children’s Food Trust and the Department for Education. Our menus are also approved by a Local Council and comply with current Government guidelines.

We have a traffic light allergy system in place so that we can not only cater for food allergies but also for your child’s food preferences.

Developing the social aspect of meal times is also important. It establishes good eating habits which is why our children and Childcare Team sit down together. It encourages social skills, independence and promotes good table manners. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dessert prepared on site, your child will be offered a mid-morning snack and light tea.

“I like that they get to try different dishes and types of food – they are more likely to be adventurous with their food at nursery than at home”

Our son says “he loves the food at the nursery”

Here is a guild to our meal time routine,

Breakfast is served as and when the children come in between 7.30 - 8.45

Mid-morning snack is served around 10am

Lunch and pudding is served at 11.30am

Light 'gap filler' tea is served at 3.30pm. 

Meal times can change or be adapted to ensure the children's needs are being met at all time.


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