July 2019 Newsletter

    Dear Parents and Carers of our Worcester Park, Kingston and Stoneleigh Nurseries,

    We hope you have all enjoyed the month of June, and are all looking forward to the nice weather approaching.

    Our theme during June was focused around healthy eating, keeping ourselves fit, and exploring different cultures and foods from around the world. The children particularly enjoyed using their senses to explore the smell, touch and taste of different fruits and vegetables. The children also enjoyed exploring different foods from around the world and recognising different countries flags.

    Please take a look at our gallery of photographs of what the children have been learning and exploring from the month of June at our nurseries……………………………………….

    Nursery Gallery of June, 2019

    Our Topics in July 2019

    As we enter into July, please take a look at the different topics we will be learning about each week…

    Summer Term
    Week 1 – ‘Seasonal Change’ - Week Commencing 01/07/2019

    As we are now in the season of Summer, the children will begin to observe the changes in season, as the weather gets warmer. To promote sun safety the children will be learning about the importance of wearing sun cream, and the protective clothing they can wear to keep cool and protected. The children will also be looking at holiday destinations, and our Pre-School children will have the opportunity to take our nursery bear on holiday with them, and record a diary account of their time away. In the garden the children will also be enjoying lots of sand and water play.

    Week 2 – ‘Sports Week’ - Week Commencing 08/07/2019

    The children will be taking part in different sports activities, such as dancing, football, tennis, group races, soft play and creating their own obstacle courses. The children will also be learning about the importance of keeping hydrated and why we need to exercise.

    Week 3 – ‘Cold Climate Holidays’- Week Commencing 15/07/2019

    Could we kindly request Parents/Carers to bring in any photographs of any skiing trips or holidays in a cold climate for the children to explore and share with their peers. The children will also take part in water and ice play, and explore artic locations.

    Week 4 and 5– ‘Family and Friendship’ –

    Week Commencing 22/07/2019 and 29/07/2019

    The children will be learning about the importance of friendships and being a good friend. Activities will include turn taking activities, such as using the emotion puppets to share feelings and making friendship bracelets using beads, pasta shells and buttons. Could we also kindly ask Parents/Carers to bring in any photographs of their family or email these to the Nursery, so we can use these to make a family display board and family books.

    Parent Partnership – Reminders and Notable Dates:

    Notable Dates

    1st – 15th July – Wimbledon Tennis

    6th – 28th July – Tour de France

    30th July - International Friendship Day

    Sun Protection

    Please could all Parents/Carers provide their child with a labelled sun cream and a sun hat to keep at the nursery. Sun cream must be in date within 1 year and the label must contain information of when the sun cream was first opened. This must also be a factor 50. For babies/children aged under 2 please can we ask that their sun hats have a tie under the chin.

    Social Media

    Our social media pages are a great way to stay connected with what’s going on in our Nurseries. Please take a look at some of our posts and photos of the children enjoying our topics as these are updated daily.

    Please add us/follow us on our social media pages.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/starschildcaregroup/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/starsnurseries/

    Holidays and Absences

    Please can we remind all Parents/Carers to email the nursery in advance with any holiday dates or absences. If your child is unwell and cannot attend their session, we also require this in an email. This is required under our Prevent Duty safeguarding requirements.

    Security of Nursery Front Door

    Please can we emphasise the importance of ensuring the front door is closed properly when entering and leaving the building. Can we also please remind all
    Parents and Carers to clearly state their names and who they are collecting when requesting entry to our Nurseries.

    This is for the safety of all the children.


    Thank you for visiting our Newsletter and we hope you have an enjoyable July!


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